Who We Are

Harwood Engineering is a multi-disciplinary architectural engineering design consulting firm specializing in the built environment as it relates to building, systems design, and development. Harwood is located in the Menomonee Valley in Milwaukee, Wisconsin serving the public and private sectors since 1983. Disciplines include: civil, landscape architecture, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, lighting design, and security technologies.

Mission Statement

Harwood Engineering’s mission is to consistently deliver excellent, creative, and professional engineering solutions that enhance the quality of the human environment while meeting the functional needs and economic goals of the Building Owner.

Differentiator Statement

What differentiates Harwood Engineering, compared to other engineering firms, is its architectural multi-disciplinary engineering approach. While each engineer has a practice-focus, the group seeks integration of building systems as a whole. Through collaborative efforts between the firm’s six disciplines, Owners are assured optimal facility performance within its overall building design.