Health and Human Services: High Efficiency Facility Serves the Community

The Health and Human Services Administration in Waukesha County has outlived the useful life of their current quarters in an historic 1911 hotel, and they look to improve their client services with a new building designed specifically for their needs.

The identified space needs area totals approximately 130,000 SF. In addition, the feasibility of relocating the Records Center from Northview to the new HHS building location is also under consideration and will be evaluated during the budget & concept phase.

Sustainability was studied early in the design process of the project, balancing functional, economic and environmental factors. Energy efficiency methods are being used to maximize solar access and aim to harvest natural onsite resources, such as, solar energy, daylight, and geothermal heat. We are designing reduced electricity consumption, elimination of unnecessary demand, and emphasizing equipment efficiency and energy efficient control strategies. In collaboration with Waukesha County, we are pursuing grants and incentives available by WE Energies and Focus On Energy for energy efficient design and incorporating renewable energy systems.

The Health and Human Services provided by the County include: Children and Family Services, Adolescent and Family Services, Economic and Social Support, Aging & Disability Resources, Veterans Services, Public Health Clinic, Mental Health Clinic and support spaces such as Administrative, Information Systems and Fiscal Accounting Offices.

Location: Waukesha, WI

Services Provided:
Fire Protection