The Brewery Block 4 Parking Structure

This project was new construction of 282,055 SF, 880 Car Parking Structure, plus 8,000 SF of Office/Retail space. The Construction Budget was $12 Million.

This parking structure is part of a large 20 acre redevelopment complex into a mixed use neighborhood. Located at 9th Street and Juneau Avenue, the building replaces some of the original Pabst Brewery buildings that had deteriorate and could not be reused. The parking structure was designed to maintain the original mass as well as complement aesthetic of the surrounding historic buildings.

This parking structure received the LEED-CS (Core & Shell) GOLD Certification and complies with the LEED Light Pollution Reduction, Water Efficiency of 30% reduction, for Energy & Atmosphere, it has an Enhanced Refrigerant Management, Base Building Measurement & Verification as well as Tenant Sub Metering, for the Indoor Environment Quality, it has the required Minimum IAQ Performance, required Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) Control, Outdoor Air Delivery Monitoring, Indoor Chemical & Pollutant Source Control (MERV 13 / Entry Mat), Controllability of Systems by Thermal Comfort (Controls 50% Occupants), and Thermal Comfort Design.

More than 50,000 tons of crushed and recycled building debris was used to fill old excavations and prepare the site for new construction.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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