Prairie Apartments:
Environmentally Conscious Housing Helps Those in Need

Heartland Housing of Chicago and Guest House of Milwaukee planned this redevelopment project, formerly housed by Genesis Detox Facility.

The site is a former detoxification center that was demolished down to the basement level and is the foundation for the new 4-story building that houses (24) unit apartments that are divided into (12) studio and (12) one-bedroom apartments. Up to (10) of the units house Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division Clients of whom were living in substandard housing.

The new facility incorporates the highest standards of design, including the prestigious LEED For Homes Certification and received LEED-Silver Certification.

Some of the LEED features include an Irrigation System, reduced overall irrigation demand by at least 45%, Efficient Hot Water Distribution System, Enhanced combustion venting and local exhausting measures with better air filtration for indoor environmental quality, a Preoccupancy Flush Contaminant Control System, for the heating and cooling distribution system, greatly reduced distribution losses and minimal distribution loses, advanced lighting package with Energy Star lights, and education to the Building Manager(s).

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Services Provided:
Fire Protection