Marshfield Clinic:
In the Heart of Wisconsin

Marshfield Clinic is located in the heart of central Wisconsin providing the latest medical technology, research and care for patients across the U.S.

To match the quality of care provided at Marshfield Clinic, a major remodeling and renovation of the roughly 250,000 square feet of clinic lobby was performed.

A Café, Waiting Area, Reception/Information Desk, Patient Services, Triage, Lactation Room, Security Desk and new entrance were all part of the project. A new airtight entry system in the lobby now provides a warm welcoming transition space for patients and their families during their visit to the clinic. Individual heating elements by staff stations were installed for added comfort while working in close proximity of the door. The lighting was specifically selected to create a warm, residential feel. Accent lighting in the form of adjustable downlights and track lighting highlight the Donor Wall, artwork, signage and Café menu boards.

Location: Marshfield, WI

Services Provided:
Lighting Design