Commerce State Bank:
Comprehensive Engineering for Commerce

The overall 7.7 acre site was evaluated and designed for a comprehensive future master plan that would allow for additional building sites to be created. Site location, building placement, as well as elevation were critical on this project.

A 63 car parking lot and drive-thru facility were also designed to accommodate the building as it’s built out. Stormwater management was handled by the use of a wet retention basin which discharges the post-developed stormwater at a rate lower than the existing conditions; the basin also improves the water quality prior to discharging to the adjacent wetlands.

From an Electrical Engineering perspective, the main distribution system consisted of a 1600A, 120/208Volt, 3 phase, 4 wire service. An emergency generator provided back-up for life safety lighting, IT equipment, and miscellaneous equipment. An addressable Fire Alarm system was laid out throughout the building including elevator recall and monitoring of the fire protection equipment. Lighting was designed to provide enough illumination for respective tasks as well as abiding the energy code requirements for Wisconsin. Wiring devices were provided for all electrified equipment throughout the spaces.

Location: West Bend, WI

Services Provided:
Fire Protection